Pitts Publishes Book

Peter Pitts recently published a new book detailing his time as an admissions counselor. Pitts retired from Monmouth College 15 months ago, where he worked as an admission counselor. Pitts recruited over 2,000 students to Monmouth College.

Pitts did not view his job as a sales position, but rather a way to tell the story of Monmouth College and to help students find their new home.

“The reps who view it as just sales, they don’t last very long in the profession. But those who really want to make sure that there’s a good fit between the student and the institution, even if they have to refer them to a different institution, those people make it.” Said Pitts.

Pitts has worked as an admission counselor for five institutions but grew attached to Monmouth College for its authenticity and diversity.

“I always tell the kids that it’s one of those places where ‘what you see is what you get’. The people are not pretentious. They’re very real. They’re a bunch of characters; I love every character. When you look at the campus you’ve got 800 or 900 kids and they are all so completely different from one another. It isn’t one of those cookie-cutter institutions. There’s some colleges where if you’ve seen one student you’ve seen them all and Monmouth, no way… You’ve got 900 completely distinctly different types of people and I love that diversity.” Said Pitts.

Pitts has a special connection with his recruits and has made a lasting impression on many.

“At most events, you could ask a prospective student who was their admission counselor and maybe 3 out of 5 times they would know. All of Peter’s students knew Peter. All current students knew if Peter was their admission counselor. All alumni knew if Peter was their admission counselor. Everyone knows Peter.” Said Wendy Downing, current admission counselor.

“I actually began writing the book probably about three or four years ago. And I wrote it, then I would rewrite it, and then I would rewrite it” said Pitts.

The book shares both the funny and the sad stories of helping prospective students find the right college for them.

Pitts said “[The book is] not perfect, but it’s from the heart. I have touched the lives of so many people over 27- years and I just had to somehow pay homage to all those people. It’s not perfect but it’s got some really neat philosophical notes in there.”

“Peter walks at the Aurora Outlet Mall multiple times each week, if not daily. He emailed me the other day about all the Monmouth people he ran into – an alum, a parent of a current student, a student who considered Monmouth years ago. He was excited to see these people and hear their stories. If it was a job for Peter, I don’t think he would enjoy those reactions as much as he still does.” said Downing.

Pitts also has been named this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for the college’s Alumni Impact Awards.

After Breakfast I Change Lives is available on Amazon. Pitts is also on Twitter @MounmouthPPitts

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