Letter from the Editor

You know when you sit and think about who you were in high school or middle school, and all the changes and growth you’ve seen since that time in your life? That’s how I feel now, only my “middle school” is just August of 2019.

August feels like it was five years ago. Within eight months, all of our lives have changed so significantly. We have all been pushed into a period of growth, whether we wanted it or not. Crucial changes in our lives have sent us hurtling into the chaotic unknown without a chance to look back or say goodbye to what we knew. It has been unnerving, stressful, and truly heartbreaking.

When I took the position of Editor in Chief of The Courier, I knew that our biggest hurdle would be to spark interest with the student body. We wanted the newspaper to be something that students looked forward to on Fridays. We wanted it to reflect the student morale and the overall zeitgeist of campus. The student-run newspaper is not in place to serve faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, prospective students, or Monmouth fans. The paper is for the students of Monmouth College. There is a great responsibility that lies with the press, and even as a small campus newspaper, we take that duty to students seriously. Everything we publish is with the student body in mind, whether it is to entertain, to recognize, to encourage, to inspire, or to inform.

Missing campus as much as the next Fighting Scot, our staff members decided in March that it was the job of The Courier to continue publishing online, even if we weren’t physically in Monmouth, Illinois. Though the circumstances of our work were drastically changed, our mission remained the same: to be there for the student body. Throughout these last few weeks, we sought to be an escape back to Wallace Hall for Monmouth students world-wide – something to look forward to in the monotony of social distancing.

As we eventually transition out of this unprecedented period, our mission will remain the same. No matter the time, obstacle, or circumstance, The Courier will serve the student body of Monmouth College.

Next year, Shyanne Sheehan will take over as Editor in Chief, and I have no doubt that under her leadership the paper will continue to expand in its capacity and service to every student at Monmouth College. Within this academic year, we’ve seen more students than ever picking up Friday issues and perusing each section with their friends. We’ve seen so many individuals interested in writing and being a part of our staff and we welcome every single one. In my eyes, that is a mission accomplished.

Thank you for your loyalty, Monmouth.

 Signing off,
Emma Hildebrand
Editor in Chief, The Courier 2019-20

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