Pizza Party: Casey’s

We have hit the a few of the Monmouth favorites, but its time to talk about the pizza of the hick Midwest – Casey’s. For those of you who wish to fancy the whole, “it’s a gas station thing,” more than likely you haven’t tried it yet to bask in its glory. The Courier staff ate some Casey’s pizza, and report our ratings back to you. All of the testers are semi-unbiased and are really only here to eat. With that being said, the reviews:

“When you have a hankering for pizza, Casey’s will take care of it. But for those of us who are fond of a more authentic, low-on-grease, homemade crust type of pizza, Casey’s is not what we truly desire. As a true Midwesterner, I will still support Casey’s until the day I die.” Rating: 5/10

“Okay, I am a big fan of Casey’s. The sauce, the cheese, the crust – the trio is all just too good to pass up!” Rating: 8.35/10

“A Haiku: Casey’s is the best Greasy pie tops the Midwest Go and get it now” Rating: 8.5/10

“Casey’s pizza is one of the most iconic aspects of living in the Midwest. While I cannot specifically cite why it tastes so good, there is just something about it that makes it one of my favorite pizzas in town.” Rating: 8.2/10

“Good sauce to cheese ratio and tasty ingredients. Crust leaves something to be desired but still an overall solid pizza!” Rating: 7/10

“Casey’s pizza is a very average pizza. There is nothing special about it AT ALL. Eating Casey’s pizza is like taking q shit in a cramped bathroom; the pizza does the job, but only the bare minimum to make it even moderately valuable.” Rating: 5.5/10

“Sauce ratio is good. Cheese doesn’t fall off after one bite. However, the crust is a little too chewy for my liking when this is combined with cheese it makes chewing a workout” Rating: 7/10

“I’ve only had Casey’s pizza once and it was about what I suspected; it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. The cheese and sauce weren’t my favorite, but I liked the crust the best. It’s not amazing, but it gets the job done.” Rating: 6.5/10

Average Score: 7/10

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