Club Spotlight: IC Club

In this week’s club spotlight, we present the International Club, spearheaded by President Gabriela Madu, a freshman from Jamaica. We held an exclusive interview with Miss Madu and have generally replicated what was shared in conversation with her, as follows:

“Who is IC?” International Club, in the simplest sense, is really a group of random people working together toward achieving common goals. The beauty behind that though is because IC’s core identity revolves around encouraging widespread diversity among members, that the end result is much more than just “a group of people from different cultures.” Instead, IC is bigger than the sum of its smallest parts: it captures a very one-of-a-kind environment in which so many different facets of international culture interact with each other. It’s not something you’ll find often in, say, the cafeteria or in a classroom. Condensing so many different nationalities under the same roof at the same time inspires a sort of magical, organic camaraderie that most members can attest to. In turn, that camaraderie enables us to better pursue our broader goals of doing volunteer service, fundraisers for charity, general acts of philanthropy, and just promoting positivity, shared happiness, and togetherness in the school community—however we can.

Come to our meetings in the IC house on Fridays at 6:30 p.m., and that’s it. We understand that Friday may be an awkward time to have meetings, but it’s worked out fine so far, and meetings don’t last too long. Come if you can, no hard feelings if you can’t.

Darlon Riviere – Staff Writer

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