Tweets of the SEMESTER

checked my bank account and gagged lmaoo— karl ♒︎ 🇹🇬 (@Karl_wb) October 29, 2019

a year ago today I pulled an all nighterto finish homework and today I gave up at 2am bc I don’t care anymore it’s called ~growth~— Molly Schoon(@MollySchoon) October 2, 2019

Stop talking trash about small IL liberal arts colleges!

Augustanais AWESOME

Illinois College is ICONIC

Monmouth is INCREDIBLE

Lake Forest is BEAUTIFUL


Illinois Wesleyan is GREAT— ben (@BenRNelson98) September 8, 2019

I know it’s only the second day of Fall but I can’t hold in how excited I am, to fall on leaves instead of concrete on my way how from the bars haha. 😂— sNOwmore time for bullshit 🌬❄️ (@s_kuhlemier) September 2, 2019

Yo, the guy at the McDonald’s drive thru window just asked if we thought he was ugly… he wouldn’t swipe the card until we answered… #hewas— The Fridge (@HippenTroy) September 2, 2019

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