Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Williams

I am a Junior Biopsychology major with a minor in Chemistry. On campus, I am in Pi Beta Phi where I hold the office of Vice President of Operations position, Stockdale Fellows, Women’s Basketball, Residence Life, and I am the online editor of The Courier. I am from Tremont, Illinois, a village of approximately 2,100 people. Here are 21 facts about me:

  1. I’m an only child – talk about a lonely childhood
  2. Why pay for Hulu when you can date someone with Hulu
  3. I love country music #InternationalHarvestor
  4. Growing up, my life was basically the inspiration to Luke Bryan’s song “Huntin, Fishin, Lovin every day”
  5. My favorite outdoor activity is four wheeling with friends and family
  6. My favorite type of flowers are ones that look like they were hand picked from a field of wildflowers
  7. I competed in the Miss Tremont Pageant in high school… I got second which is the first loser.
  8. One time in grade school, my dad got mad at me because I could never decide what to wear to school so he made me wear collared shirts for a week
  9. My parents are my best friends
  10. Action movies are the only movies that matter
  11. I don’t like soda or anything carbonated for that matter… yes my life sucks
  12. My favorite book? Well I don’t like to read so probably something with A LOT of pictures
  13. I’ve been stung by a jellyfish
  14. I’ve been out of the country to Jamaica, Mexico, and Italy
  15. When I asked my boyfriend what he thought my hidden talent was, he responded by saying, “Well it sure as hell ain’t singing”
  16. I absolutely love old people
  17. The worst question to be asked is, “What is your favorite food?” because I like all food. I don’t discriminate, except pumpkin. I hate pumpkin.
  18. If I could move anywhere, it would be Nashville, Tennessee.
  19. If I could marry anyone, it would be Kris Bryant… I mean come on he is hands down THE sexiest man alive
  20. I once participated in a 16-week cadaver dissection lab
  21. Walmart’s Lofthouse sugar cookies are the best cookies ever created

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