KC BBQ: Monnmouth Edition

Did you check out the BBQ option in the downstairs of Stockdale while it was available last week? Every once in a while, the dining services try out something new to see how students react. “BBQ District is a featured restaurant rotation we served in Scotland Yard last week. It is part of a rotation that features four regional BBQ styles. We featured Kansas City last week. Guests seemed excited about the feature and we are considering featuring others in the future. Other regions are Carolina, Texas and Alabama. We appreciate feedback through our ‘be heard’ program at yourdiningvoice.com,” said Angela Goff, the director for dining services.

Students seemed very pleased with the temporary option in Scotland Yard. “The BBQ in Scotland Yard was absolutely delicious! I went there almost every day that it was there. You could tell that everyone loved it because it seemed like they were almost always out of food. I wish that it was there for longer or we had different options more often. It was so nice to have something different for a change,” said Elexus Mowery.

Scotland Yard has recently tried out a few new food options for students to “test out.” Trying out these limited food options allows students to give our personal feedback to the dining hall. Whether it is positive or negative, the feedback you provide helps the dining hall understand how they can help satisfy everyone through their food service. If you have thought about giving feedback to the dining hall but don’t know how, it’s easy! All you have to do is go to yourdiningvoice.com and you easily send your experience online. This couple minute process will help in the long run, and you most definitely won’t be disappointed after sharing your thoughts.

Alison Barrington – Staff Writer

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