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MCTV, a novelty to some and seemingly unknown to others, is filled with relics of Monmouth College’s recent past. Sandwiched between clips of campus news are some genuinely good videos if you know what you are watching. I recently took it upon myself to watch all the content on MCTV to present to you the Top 5 best MCTV clips.

5. Bucket Lists sees a group of mostly seniors discussing what they want to do before they graduate. The students go one by one listing and then doing their bucket list. This leads to a guy borrowing every book in the library, a girl stealing campus safety’s Gator, and a recreation of a video that is higher on the list. One of the more iconic lines comes after a student says he wants to find his real dad ,which causes the class to stare at him leading Gobel to say, “If you can’t come up with a good idea get the f*** out.”

4. Citizen’s Arrest starts with a man driving on a backroad when his car breaks down. We then cut to the man walking by a girl he likes only for a car full of guys to drive by and cat call her. Our main character talks to his friends about his situation leading one of them to suggest he become a citizen’s arrest officer. He follows through and shenanigans occur. After issuing tickets for keeping Christmas decorations out too long and playing bingo for five hours he prepares to issue a ticket to his friends for eating pretzels with beer. Having had enough his friends cut up his officer card and mess with his car leading us back to the dirt road where our main character opens the hood to find a note that says “citizen’s arrest.”

3. The Case of Jake Slumber is one of the few videos on MCTV that both has a deeper message and is still entertaining. Jake Slumber wakes up from a coma to find out that he no longer has to sleep. At first he is excited and his friend and girlfriend help him develop a list of things to do but the new power soon gets to him after he turns in his entire semester’s worth of homework before entering a depressive episode. This depressive episode ends when he gets a call from the doctor who has found a cure for his disease. In a last-minute change of heart Jake Slumber decides to use his power for good becoming a highly educated doctor and professor.

2. Rent-A-Cop brings viewers an inside look at Manmouth College’s campus security, a clear spoof of our own campus safety, in a style similar to the Office. Our main character that we are rooting for is Clammy, real name undisclosed, who is a new hire to the incompetent security staff. The head of security that we are supposed to hate is an alcoholic who constantly brings up his time in Beirut and a weird fixation with urine. As the team become more and more incompetent Clammy catches her boss stealing and ends up taking his place. Leading to her coworkers to finally find out her real name is Chlamydia.

 Before we get to number one let’s cover some honorable mentions. Game Time is an uncomfortable yet entertaining story about a quarterback coming to terms with his homosexuality that has a good message and a few funny lines of dialogue. Another honorable mention goes to MCTV news which covers new stories every month and is currently hosted by Will Best. There are many other videos worthy of a mention but let’s cut to the chase. After watching MCTV for almost 15 in the last week I have concluded the best video is …

1.Laffy Taffy. Men’s Greek life dominates MCTV and that is no more apparent than in ATO’s video for the song Laffy Taffy. The video features the guys of ATO partying it up in front of and inside the fraternity complex and includes a Willy Wonka costume and a heavily intoxicated Oompa Loompa. The song has become a signature of MCTV and is even parodied in the short Bucket Lists making Laffy Taffy the best MCTV video as of 2019.

Andrew Phillips – Contributing Writer

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