A Dream

written by Darlon Riviere

Suddenly, she comes in. The dark and magenta dyed hair sways back and forth, gently touching her shoulders. She’s sporting indigo themed pajamas, a bit too large for her small body frame. On it, vintage images of anacondas, tarantulas and tree frogs dance between the fabric. A small portion of her pale chest is exposed, tempting the stray eye to flirt with it. Her arms are stretched out like a plane’s wings, her legs slightly distanced from each other as she moves in a plane-like motion, slightly leaning left, slightly leaning right. A pair of tar stained frames amplify the charm of her pair of tar stained eyes. Diving onto the bed of feathers, her childish grin complements her dark, lightly defined eyebrows. “Hi,” she crosses her legs and rocks forward and backward, her large eyes staring into mine.

“Luna,” I said in her direction. 
“Why did you come here?”
“I dunno. Bored. Tired.”
“Bored of what?”
“Tired of?”
“Everything, I guess…”

I tilt my head sideways, staring at her for a while. Luna was the cutest thing that I’d ever laid eyes upon. It was difficult to consider anything as ugly, but it was just as simple to deem the “average” beautiful beyond comparison. Luna fell into the more extreme part of the curve: I’d never been as attracted to someone before. I would never admit it though. Too scared, too afraid. I motion to squeeze her small frame when we hear, “Luna? Ou est tu?? Allons-nous!!” “Je viens, je viens!” A slight scowl ripples over her face as she uncrosses her legs and pushes herself off the bed. She looks at me with weary look, and I nod. Turning, she leaves, not looking back. I lean back into a pillow, sighing softly. My eyelids become cinderblocks, so I let them fall. The next thing I knew, I was in a smaller bed, in a smaller room filled with bland colors. Sarai was next to me, snoring softly. This Sarai was a guy, though.

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