Avoiding the Plague 101

Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? You definitely should this year, since the flu is expected to be harsh and unbearable. I know that many students, like myself, are afraid of needles and injections, but I have had the flu once and it was the single worst experience of my life in terms of sickness. I was so tired I couldn’t move, and my whole body felt sluggish for weeks. This isn’t your standard “take DayQuil and go to class” type of illness, and this year especially, it matters whether or not you get your flu shot because we’re all saving those absences and the flu will knock you down for several weeks.

Kate Thayer of the Chicago Tribune says that in the 2017-2018 flu season, 49 million people got sick and 80,000 died. People literally die from the flu, yet the flu shot is considered a non-necessity because it isn’t as detrimental as other diseases that we receive vaccinations to prevent. When we’re on campus, we are all crammed into the same buildings and we sit in the same seats as other students. Our germs spread very easily; that’s one reason the Monmouth Plague exists.

Why put yourself at further risk by neglecting to get a very easy flu shot and feel a bit more protected during the flu season? Some have argued that despite getting the flu shot, they still got the flu at some point during the season. Even if you have gotten the flu regardless in the past, it doesn’t hurt you any to take an extra step in protecting your health. The worst thing that would happen is that you might get the flu anyway, but you’d feel better knowing you made an effort to avoid getting sick. There are so many places around Monmouth that can provide a flu shot and considering the projected severity of this year’s flu season means that we should all be cautious – by getting the flu shot and keeping up with washing our hands and covering our coughs. Have you gotten the flu shot yet? Let us know on Twitter!

Caroline King – Staff Writer

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