Tweets of the Week

“If college has taught me anything it’s that if you’re late to class might as well be hella late and take the scenic route and a trip up the elevator” – @Tdav1s

“I know it’s only the second day of Fall, but I can’t hold in how excited I am, to fall on leaves instead of concrete on way home from the bars” – @s_kuhlemier

“Just sitting here cursing my government for not using my tax dollars to fill these holes with more cement.” – @JoySynder1112

“Yo, the guy at the McDonald’s drive thru window just asked if we thought he was ugly…he wouldn’t swipe the card until we answered…#hewas” – @HippenTroy

“Okay but @TyTy99_ energy in the morning really gets me going.” – @syclaly_17

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