G7 2019: What it is, why does (or doesn’t it) matter

The G7 is a group of seven countries that convene at an annual summit to adress economic and international issues. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are all members. It was created in 1975, so that advanced democracies could discuss economic policies. The G7 was the G8 until 2014 when Russia was suspended for its annexation of Crimea.

This year’s Summit was intended to “focus on inequality.” Objectives identified prior to the Summit were: Fighting inequality, promoting gender equality, improving access to education and health services, reducing environmental inequality, strengthening the social dimension of globalization, addressing security threats, and tapping into opportunities created by technology. These subjects seem important, their implications will likely affect us. At the summit, the following points were addressed: That the WTO should “settle disputes more swiftly”, the G7 “committing to …modernize international taxation”, sharing hopes of Iran “never acquiring nuclear weapons”, supporting “a truce in Libya”, and reaffirming the 1984 Hong Kong agreement.

While the topics addressed at G7 warrant attention, an interesting event occurred at the summit. President Trump, appeared to “skip a meeting” about climate change and biodiversity. Though journalists reported seeing the president’s chair “empty” during this meeting, White House representatives “have not yet responded to questions about whether Trump showed up after reporters left the room.” It’s possible Mr. Trump had a justifiable reason to skip that meeting…Maybe the G7 doesn’t matter that much, does it?

Darlon Riviere – Contributing Writer

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