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 I get asked a lot about my eyeliner. People ask me how I do it, what I use, and how long it takes. To be completely honest, I recently switched what I use. I used to swear by the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper, but recently I have been using the NYX vinyl liquid liner and I have several reasons why.

The first reason is price. The Kat Von D eyeliner costs around $20, while the NYX liner costs around $8. Because I wear eyeliner every single day, it gets pretty expensive to be using a $20 eyeliner every morning. The price of that eyeliner is ridiculous when compared to the other products being offered for the same price. As a college student, I find myself watching my expenses very carefully.

The other reason why I chose to switch which eyeliner I use is because of the controversy surrounding Kat Von D in recent years. I think it’s important to vote with your dollars and in the case of a makeup brand, choosing to buy a competitor’s product is the same as telling a brand that you will not buy from them unless they change their practices. I buy most of my make up at Sephora. However, there are a few products that I think you can save on rather than splurge.

I find that there are many benefits to using the NYX liquid liner rather than the Kat Von D liner. First of all, the wear time on the NYX liquid liner is about twice as long as the wear time on my previous eyeliner. There have been times where I’ve worn this eyeliner for an entire day. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t smudge, and it doesn’t flake off. For eight dollars, I think that’s a very good deal. Secondly, the formula dries down very quickly and has a nice vinyl finish. While the Kat Von D liner always looked clean and pigmented right after purchasing it, it started to become more brown and transparent with more and more uses. The NYX liner has continued to work for months and it doesn’t lose any opacity with time. Pen liners tend to dry out and require spray to make them glide, but an eyeliner with a brush doesn’t have this problem.

Overall, eyeliner is a very important part of my makeup and I try to find the best one to use on my own face.

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