New housing sign up system faces obstacles

 Housing sign-up is an important part of spring for Scots. We’re all thinking about what we would like for the upcoming year, like building, roommate (if any), and location, location, location! Nobody wants three flights of stairs.

I spoke with two current students about their experience with the housing system and how it has changed in recent years. Selma, a rising junior, remembers the old system (unlike me, a freshman). She says that students used to go to the Huff and fill out paper forms. The timing of that was based on their rank, or, “housing number.” In the Huff, staff were available to answer questions, and the paperwork was fairly simple. She says that now, it’s a lot more confusing. “The site wouldn’t let me register,” she said.

Though the emails were helpful, in the event of a crash or overload on the site, the emails won’t help students figure out how to register during their time slot. Selma now has to worry about competing with the rising sophomores if she cannot register until 24 hours from now.

She says she prefers the old system because while there were a lot of students filing through the line, once the paperwork was handed in, it wasn’t a concern anymore. She has to ask about signing up tomorrow and likely will have to meet with someone to ensure she gets her entry before the current freshman class begins registering. She also says that it would be helpful to have staff available to troubleshoot and discuss with students who are trying to register.

I think one way to make the transition to an online-only system easier would be to meet as groups in the library and register with staff nearby. While Selma remembers the paper system, Miracle, a current freshman, does not, and she feels slightly overwhelmed by the online system. She says she has “no expectations” about the system as of now and plans on figuring it out as she registers this year. She’s more concerned with rooming with her current roommate, Kareema, and finding a good place for the two of them to live next year than she is with the system itself. Miracle and Kareema are considering several buildings, but were mostly interested in Bowers, which is currently almost full. Now, they have to consider their options and decide what would make them the happiest here on campus.

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