Local coffee shop has a lot to offer our students


 Central Mountain Coffee is the newest coffeeshop in Monmouth by far, and it has a lot going for it. Their coffees are hand-roasted from beans that come directly from Columbia, they offer a variety of options (including pastries), they offer innovative pre-packaged products like instant coffee cubes, and they have large amounts of open venue space waiting to be filled.

The main lobby of the shop is strikingly spotless, and gives one the feeling of a small, European coffeeshop, with its glass-topped counters, and state-of-the-art equipment. Central Mountain Coffee has a lot to offer the community, and they are very receptive to student groups using their upper level for programs.

Open Mic nights, jazz musicians, singers, improv groups, all welcome guests that would fit well into the environment that has been created in their store. The building they are located in is not only spacious, but it is also somewhat historic, and boasts lots of character, including aesthetically pleasing exposed bricks, and tastefully hung wooden trim.

Lots of colleges across the nation have off-campus businesses that are favor­ite destinations for student life. At roughly $2-$3 a beverage, not only is Central Mountain Coffee an affordable alternative to McDonald’s, it is a local business.

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